Monday, February 9, 2015

Wait There's More...?!

Hello Hello Hello...

   Yes, it has been a little over forever and to say the least... sorry. I have to be honest, after starting this I discovered I'm pretty sure I have ADD and a few things I needed to figure out and get in order. Anyways, I'm back and happy to see there are still people checking to see if there are any new post...Sorry :/ 

I will say, I am a very erratic person - one minute I'm starting a blog to the next minute wanting to start a YouTube channel, to not wanting to do anything but be lazy, do yoga and eat cookie butter!

Hmm... now I want cookie butter with crackers! L.O.V.E :)

So update on Whitney's World, I have decided to make my big move to the best coast, (i.e. California) I just feel I'm 24, not getting any younger, no kids and a good head on my shoulders - (Thank God those wild child days are long gone) It's time to take a leap of faith and do what I need to do. Obviously I needed to document this new life, so... Welcome Back!

*Time to Talk all things Fashion*

Did anyone see the Grammy's last night? Ok, let me not lie, I saw the Red Carpet show (Thanks #RyanSeacrest & #Echannel) then watched about an hour of the show and truly became so bored, I went to bed and watched Netflix until I fell asleep.

But can we be honest Best Dressed Award *Hands Down*

Taylor Swift Grammys 2015
Wearing - Dress: Elie Saab
Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti
Accessories: Lorraine Schwartz & Ofira
Oh and my girl Nicki shut the party down... Duh!
Thank you for firing the old stylish
Rocking Tom Ford
Worst Dressed:
I have to agree with
Photo Credit:

It was ALL wrong... Rihanna was so disappointing.. I'm all for natural but that hair looked like she pulled the ponytail off in the limo before stepping out!! (I Love a Good Weave)
#BoutThatHairLife :D

All in all, I saw some great fashion, some not so great fashion, random people won and Kanye ruined someone else's moment... that sounds about right and pretty much sums up the Grammy's!

That's all I have tonight... next post is all about my favorite online shops I'm loving this new year so far and I will add the links as well!

Goodnight loves!