Saturday, July 26, 2014

All Things Leo

It's Leo Season...

My 24th birthday is officially 23 days, 12 Hours, 26 Minutes and 50 Seconds. Yes, I'm counting down until the very last second! I love this time of year, not only because of my birthday and summer but it is the season of a new moon cycle.

The evening of July 26th is the mark for a new moon cycle, where the Cancer new moon cycle ends and the beginning of the Leo new moon cycle begins. Leo, the Sun sign and the element of fire, is the lion; King of the jungle. This cycle is the time to take advantage of growing, improving and expanding our lives, take a chance and shine as bright as the sun!

~Upcoming Event~

I have been reading and studying more about yoga and mediation - how my hula hooping has brought me so much joy over these past two years and beginning to expand my endeavors in various ways. 

September 13th I will be traveling to Wanderlust yoga festival/retreat. So Excited!

Check out the site: 

Washington Post just published an article about a journalist's experience, very interesting for those who think it's only another dirty dreadlocked hippie event... WRONG.
*Open your mind*


~Current Book~

'Success through Stillness: Meditate Made Simple', by Russell Simmons.
A great read and truly inspirational as a guide to learn the appreciation for the quiet moments.  

~Current Fashion~

Boho All the way! I'm loving the free flowing dresses, bright patterns and color schemes, layering jewels (Arm candy), gladiator sandals and floppy/fedora hats will never get old to me...


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