Saturday, February 21, 2015

Being Sick Sucks - Must Haves!

Hey Guys!

   I wanted to follow up with you all, as it is the second to last day of DC Fashion Week and I have been M.I.A. I should be getting fitted for tonight's show, but I'm actually currently in bed, with my robe on, fuzzy socks and tissue box not to far away. Unfortunately, I have come down with the FLU!! So sad, but it is true, I started to feel pretty crappy Wednesday night after the first show (which was pretty amazing) come Thursday morning the flu had attacked my body and I was out for the count. Literally, cried (yes, I'm a big baby, but body aches are real and are really painful) :/ I saw my doctor, did the flu test and was 100% positive. UGHH!

So, even though I'm feeling like crap, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to do a sick day must have! I've noticed no matter what I do to "try" to clean up behind myself, my bedside is a hot mess of all the crap I'm currently using/need to get through these next few days.

Also, I was suppose to be flying to LA on Monday, but obviously some things have come up and I will Not be traveling anywhere that doesn't involve my robe and bed. WAHH!


On to my Sick Day Must-Haves~

1. Medication - I am currently on prescribed meds (antibiotics) from the doctor, but normally when I'm feeling under the weather or have some "issue" I prefer to do things on the more "Holistic" side and not pop a bunch of pills. That is my preference and to each his own.

2. Humidifier -  These are great for not only stuffiness but also for those who experience dry skin. Adding a humidifier to your room will bring moisture to the air and help aid that dryness and irritation. This has been my savior, as my house is typically hot on the top level (heat rises) so my bedroom air is very dry. I Can't Smell anything! :( But I'm getting a fabulous facial!

3. Boxes of Tissues - I love Kleenex tissues and have them stacked, my favorite are the tissues with lotion or Vicks in it. They are so smooth and don't leave my nose dry and sore, as I am having to blow my nose a lot. Gross I know!

4. Vicks VapoRub - I used this a lot as a child, but not so much until now. I love this rub, it has Eucalyptus oil helps with respiratory issues, muscle pain, fever etc. as well as Menthol to really help open those sinus. I rub this on my chest and neck throughout the day but mainly right after I take my medicine as it will help me sleep better.

5. Green Tea with Honey - You can purchase teas with honey already in it but I'm old school and I like to purchase my green tea and honey separately. Green tea has so many great benefits and the warm tea with honey really helps smooth my throat during this nasty time.

6. Vitamin C - I take VitC chewable tablets I purchased at my local drugstore, take one a day with water and the taste actually isn't that bad. Also, I have a whole bag of Oranges, I just love them and I feel like when I'm sick, that is the purest form to get that VitC, peeling back an Orange and biting right into it! So Good!

Last but not least, NETFLIX! Because what would life be without it!

There were some others I wanted to share with you... I think! But my computer is about to die, and my meds are kicking in which means I can't really focus and need a nap! HA!

Thank you so much, let me know what your must haves are when your sick or even when your feeling great! I will hopefully be walking in the final show tomorrow, which I will come back and do a post all about DC Fashion Week! Remember, This too shall pass... well it better! LOL :)

Also, stay hydrated!! Drink WATER All Day, Every Day!