Saturday, May 10, 2014

What A Day

Good Evening Loves,

 Today was...interesting to say the least. For starters, it was my moms birthday, Race for the Cure Walk in DC and Trail riding with my grandpa. I skipped the walk this year to go trail riding, but the weatherman lied and it ended up pouring raining the second we got to the park... -__- But got to spend some quality grooming time with my boys (Trip & Golden Boy) then spent the rest of the evening with my mom... Thank God for her.

But let's finish tonight's post with some fashion!

Who else is obsessed with these Chanel beauties?!?:
(Canvas Ankle Espadrille High Top Sneakers)
(Photo Credit: Chanel & Tumblr)

Signing off 'Daydreaming of Chanel', W