Sunday, June 1, 2014

Moses & Joe's

Welcome to Amish Country...

  I went to Strasburg, Pennsylvania to the Sight and Sound Theatre, this past weekend to see the Biblical story of "Moses" the play. I highly recommend for everyone to go see a play there! Live animals and actors going up and down the aisles, the excitement and creativity behind the entire production is truly amazing - Come on... It doesn't get any better then looking up and seeing real live camels, donkeys and sheep walking past you. Unfortunately, I was unable to take any pictures to capture any of the show, because the theatre requires all electronics to be turned off and there is NO Internet connection in "Amish Country"... :( 

Outside of the Amish Restaurant: "Hersey Farms"

The Beautiful Sight and Sounds Theatre

The statue of 'Moses'

Quick pic of the stage before the show started
*Beautiful experience*

It's All About Trader Joe's

On another note... I'm totally obsessed with Trader Joe's right now- Has anyone ever had Cookie Butter?! It is literally heaven in my mouth! I never was a big fan of peanut butter and even tried almond butter, while I've been on my health kick but.... ugh No bueno!

Then one day I finally listened to my Dad (who religiously shops at Trader Joe's) and entered into a new world. By shopping at Trader Joe's, it has helped me on my journey of changing the way I view foods and what I put into my body. I can pick up quick snacks to eat throughout the day at work and always love chatting with other customers, sharing meal plans/ideas and save so much more money then any other Organic market in my area. It's true.... I officially love Trader Joe's! 
Let me know what your favorite meal or snack from Trader Joe's or if you have any suggestions for other organic markets - I'd love to hear about it!

Check out my favorite foods from Trader Joe's right now:
Items include:
*Tofu Ice Cream Sandwiches
*Pita Bread
*Pita Chips
*Organic Hummus 
*Organic bananas
*Cookie Butter
Can't beat $20 for all these goodies<3
*Bikram Yoga Everyday and Clean Eating Results!*

Always remember... Life isn't about finding yourself, its about creating yourself. Who and what do you want to be?!...